Instruction Policy

The cost for half-hour appointments is $100.00 per month throughout the year, regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in a given month. The cost for an hour appointment is $190.00 per month.  Payment must be made by cash, check or Zelle as I am unable to accept credit or gift cards. Checks should be made out to Jim Cunningham. If you forget to send payment at the time of your lesson you can drop it off at Music-Go-Round. Zelle is accessed with my old email address:  Payments are due the week prior to the beginning of the month.

Any payment received after the 10th of the month is subject to a late fee of $5.00 for a total of $105.00/$195.00.  The fee for returned checks is $10.00.

The lesson fee covers appointments for the month at your scheduled time, materials that I provide, and my cost to rent the lesson room.  Should you need to reschedule an appointment, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can plan a rescheduled time. Priority will be given to those who contact me about a cancellation at least 48 hours in advance. Any cancelled appointment must be rescheduled within two weeks of that lesson. While I will make every effort to reschedule that appointment, I cannot guarantee that your schedule and mine will always mesh. I will not make up a rescheduled appointment that has been missed.  Please make every effort to attend all of your lessons.

The only time I will credit the charge for an appointment is when I cannot be there due to an unplanned absence on my part.  I will notify students of any unplanned absence by posting notice in the lesson room or by phone/email.

Planned absences for me include:  holidays for which the store is closed; the two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s; two weeks during the summer/fall; and one week in the spring.  Students will be notified of these planned absences by notice posted in the lesson room and waiting area.  There are no refunds for, or rescheduling of, appointments during planned or unplanned absences, but a portion of the fees for appointments missed due to my unplanned absences will be credited to the following month.

If you need to discontinue lessons for any reason I require a minimum of two weeks notice. You are responsible for 1/2 of the monthly fee, $50.00/$95.00, if you neglect to notify me at least two weeks prior to terminating lessons.